1. The passengers heading to theportofHong Kong InternationalAirport shall buy their tickets and go through the check-in formalities at the check-in counter. The passengers could find more information from the notices on the television display or from the customer service counters.

2. The passengers shall wait nearby the relevant check-in counters and go through the boarding formalities on the basis of the class of their tickets and according to the instructions and arrangements from the waiting room staff.

3. Once the passengers arrive at the counter, they should give their travel documents, visa, and itinerary to the personnel who will prepare the boarding pass for the passengers, put their check-in luggage on the conveyor, and attach the tags to the luggage (you could find more information about the weight restrictions for the check-in luggage in Standards for the Check-in Luggage).

4. Once the boarding formalities are completed, the counter personnel will return the documents, visa, boarding pass, tax return form (if the tax-return requirements are met), ferry ticket, flight itinerary and baggage tag to the passenger. The passengers who have received their boarding pass could apply for tax return in theportofSkyPierwith the presence of the tax return form.

The passengers with the first-class or VIP class tickets could enjoy the exclusive service provided in the VIP waiting room. There will be special notice of clearance for them.