Ground Service

1. Super&Premier Grand passengers have the privilege to buy their tickets first.

2. Super&Premier Grand passengers have the privilege to complete their boarding formalities first.

3. Preference luggage service (enjoy a more favorable check-in luggage allowance (you could find more information in the Regulations on Check-in Luggage Allowance), free luggage storage and packaging)

4. Super&Premier Grand Boarding Channel





VIP Waiting Room Service

1. Warm Reception
Welcome to the VIP waiting room of Sea’s Young in Humen, Dongguan (outdoor smoking area is available)

2. Simple and Pleasant
Most of the decorations in the VIP waiting room come from the nature and the furniture is made of natural solid wood, which represents a concise design and a unique modern decoration style. Before the journey, you could indulge yourself with a cup of Italian fresh ground coffee, which adds a touch of delight to your relaxing moment that you are having in this cozy VIP lounge. A wide variety of hot and cold drinks, cakes, snacks, cookies, Portuguese custard tarts and energy bar with oats and chocolate flavor are available in the waiting room to satisfy your special taste. 

3. Comfortable
In the VIP lounge, you could relax, read some newspaper or magazines or watch some real time TV news reports or programs to know something about the current events of the world. The flight schedule information is also provided in the real time and we will remind you of the boarding time in advance, therefore, you will be care-free enjoying your time in the lounge.

4. Free WIFI connection
With free access to the WIFI system, you could use your portable computer or smart phone to contact your clients or family anytime.

※Service fees for other passengers: 30 RMB/person
Address: Floor 2, Registration Hall, Humen Passenger Port to Hong Kong and Macau (nearby the parking lot)

Service time: 07:00-12:00 and 13:30-16:00 (everyday)





Cabin Service

1. Service with heart-felt sincerity
We, Sea’s Young, always uphold the principle that we provide our customers with the optimal service. Our stewards with kind and pleasant smile will create a comfortable and homelike environment for your time in the waiting room. Our services, especially those warm welcome and greetings, come from our sincerity deep down our hearts. You have the privilege to disembark first after the arrival of our ship, which adds convenience to your journey.

2. Private Space

    Whether you are enjoying your private time or having a business meeting, our Premier Grand lounge (with capacity of 4 persons per room) could provide you with cozy and relaxing environment and constitute a private space for you. The design of the seats in the Super-class cabin could expand your space. The innovative design could also lower the influence on your private space to the minimum. You could fully relax your knees and feet in a maximum space for stretch with the optimal ergonomic design of the seats. 

3. Food provided aboard
We provide our Super-class and Premier Grand class passengers with a wealth of free delicious desserts, fresh fruits, hot and cold drinks, cheeses and other healthy food.

4. Entertainment
You could find more than 10 types of magazine on the book shelves equipped in the Super-class cabin, which cover a wide range of themes and topics, especially the latest fashions around the globe. Indulging yourself in the magazines, you could travel around every part of the world and converse with the celebrities, which broadens your horizons. On some of the voyages, IPAD MINIs are provided for your maximum entertainment, which spices up your time with an array of video and music materials.