HK Airport to Humen    Notice for the Ferry Service

Passengers should present the effective ferry tickets, passports and the visas issued by the destination regions or countries.


1. The passengers will fly to and land in Hongkong International Airport.No customer clearlance.No need to receive the baggages.

2. Any passenger who needs to transfer to the ferry could directly buy ferry ticket at the counter of Ferries to Mainland and Macau in advance 60 minutes before the ferry depart,and go through the boarding formalities.If there is transference of luggages,passenger shold present luggage tag. 

3. Luggage that has been recorded in the ticketing system should be withdrawn by the staff of the luggage service company and then carried to SkyPier.

4. Once the boarding formalities are completed, the passengers should receive the security inspection and then go ahead to the waiting room.

5. The passengers will have their tickets checked to make sure that their luggage gets aboard along with them.

6. The passengers will take the shuttle bus to the waiting room of SkyPier.

7. After the passengers arrive at SkyPier, they will board the ferries towards their destination ports with the presence of the tickets once they hear the notice from the broadcast.