Regulations on luggage in air and sea travel: every passenger could carry on or check in one piece of luggage free of charge, and they will be charged 30 HKD per piece for the other luggage.

Regulations on luggage packaging

In order to maintain the security and integrity of the luggage of the passengers during the sail, the following categories of luggage shall be well packaged:

①Unpackaged carton boxes of all kind;

②Untied or loose tubular luggage;

③ Boxes or baskets of fruits and other food;

④ Damaged, old and fragile packsacks;

⑤ Packages with opening;

⑥ Loose packages or luggage that could become deformed or damaged by external force.

⑦ Draw-bar boxes without handles or with damaged handles.

⑧ Other luggage that is required by the staff to be packaged.

Charging standard for luggage packaging (RMB)

①The charging standard for luggage packaging is 10 yuan/piece.

② For the articles that should be packaged, the passengers should provide the special cases for the packaging. (The charging standard shall be 20 yuan for case with large size, 15 yuan for case with medium size and 10 yuan for case with small size.)

③ In principle, the packaging should accord with the “four crossing bandings” method.

④ The Super-class passengers could receive the free service of packaging for two pieces of their luggage, and the Premier Grand passengers could receive a totally free service of packaging for all of their luggage.

⑤ For those items that could be damaged during the packaging, the passengers should inform us of such situation in advance or package the items by themselves; otherwise, we will not be responsible for any damage of such items.