III. Regulations on Luggage Storage:

·         1. This service is only available for the passengers who plan to take the ferries of the day.

·         2. Charging standard: 10 yuan/item/day for Economy class passengers; Super&Premier Grand class passengers are free to store their luggage on the first day.

·         3. Combustible, explosive, corrosive, radioactive and other dangerous items or smelly and fragile articles will not be received in the storage service, and the passengers shall not put such items into other luggage for storage, either.

·         4. Confidential documents, fragile articles, securities, currencies and precious documents will not be received in the storage service.

·         5. The luggage storage staff has the right to perform security inspection through the stored items and articles. If any dangerous item is found, they will deal with it according to relevant regulations.

·         6. The stored items shall be well locked or tightly packaged. Packages with any opening will not be accepted.

·         7. The stored luggage could be claimed back with the presence of the luggage storage tag. If any item is lost due to the slack management of the staff, we will compensate RMB 100 to 300 for each lost item (box, package or bag).

·         8. The luggage storage service is only available for the day when the passenger takes the ferry, and no luggage is allowed to stay overnight; if the passenger fails to claim back his or her luggage, we have the right to deal with it without notice.